Vertical Machining Centers (5-Axis or More)
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Optimum structure of GEOTECH DMC-SERIES is designed by an excellent and experienced team of engineers. Using Finite Element Scheme with ANSYS SOFTWARE to ensure rigidity of machines. After the completion of assembling of whole machine, related geometric and kinematics tests are via precise instruments performed. DMC-SERIES suit for 3-C products (Consumer Electronics, Communications and Computers) as well as complicated parts and moulds for injection, automobile and aerospace industries.


TRAVEL     X axis                         2000 / 78.7˝              mm/(inch) Y axis                         1350 +480 / (53.1˝ +18.8˝)   mm/(inch) Z axis                         700 / 27.6˝              mm/(inch) Distance between columns 1500 / 59.1˝              mm/(inch) Table size                 2000 x 1200 / (78.7˝ x47.2˝) mm/(inch) Spindle speed (Built-in type) 18000 RPM              rpm

Equipped With

◎ 3 axes with Linear Guide ways - roller type provide with overall rigidity. ◎ Oil Cooling System for X.Y Axes Ballscrew. ◎ Patent No. 202004017403.0 was granted by Germany and 1059432 was granted by Spain for improvements in Y-axis (saddle) with three pieces of linear guide ways. The machining rate is increased by 25%. ◎ Z-axis (Head) with 4 pieces of Linear Guide ways enabling more stability while cutting. ◎ Screw Chip Conveyor system on both sides of bed (X-axis), to help to remove chips out of the bed, avoiding thermal growth. ◎ Patent No. 202004019862.2 and 202004019861.4 were granted by Germany for improvements on the radial ribbing design to absorb both the radial and axial forces to achieve rigid machine. ◎ Patent No. 202004019861.4 were granted by Germany for improvements on pollution-preventive mechanism on the bed.