Model FC-TA22
SPINDLE No. of spindle Unit 2
Max. speed rpm 3000
Feedrate X/Z axis rapid traverse M/min. 12
Stroke X1 axis stroke mm 220
X2 axis stroke mm 220
Z1 axis stroke mm 500
Z2 axis stroke mm 500
Y1 axis stroke mm 885
Y2 axis stroke mm 670
Turret No. of turret unit 2
Turret type servo V8-st.
O.D. tool shank □mm 20 x 20
I.D. tool shank (Max.) Ømm 25
Motors Spindle motor KW 7.5
Servo motor, X axis KW 1
Servo motor, Z axis KW 1
Hydraulic pump HP 2
Lubrication pump W 12
Coolant pump KW 0.375
Machine size Length mm 1880
Width mm 1920
Height mm 2000
Net weight kgs 5000
Gross weight kgs 5500
  • All data subject to change without notice